True Love & Other Disasters - Rachel Gibson (2009)

Faith thought that her past as a former stripper and Playboy star would be left buried after her marriage to Virgil Duffy, who is 51 years her senior. (Remember the guy who was set to marry another trophy wife in Simply Irresistible?) She wanted to start life afresh, and with Virgil, the only person to understand her and treat her with respect, he gave her what she yearned for the most - security. So when he dies of a heart attack five years into their marriage, Faith is devastated. After being humiliated by Virgil's son Landon about her ugly past, he claims she has no hope of managing the professional hockey team his father left behind. But despite knowing nothing about the game, Faith decides to take on the challenge and prove him wrong. Star player Ty Savage fears Faith will ruin the reputation of his hockey team and wreck its chances of winning the Stanley Cup. But soon sparks fly between the pair and they find themselves falling in love. But when Landon threatens to spread the news of their relationship, will Faith choose to give up her true love to save the team from the negative publicity? Not one of the author's best books but it's worth reading because of its refreshing mix of characters and storyline. (XT)

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