The Secrets We Keep - Colette Caddle (2009)

Erin runs The Gatehouse guesthouse in the village of Dunbarra. Many of her guests show signs of never wanting to leave - from PJ, who helps out in her market garden; and Hazel, the shy artist with a young daughter who never speaks; to gossipy American Sandra who has just broken up with her husband. In fact, it seems all the guests are hiding something. Then Erin's friend, restaurateur Marguerite, asks if her half-brother, Hollywood actor Sebastian Gray, can stay. It seems he needs a retreat while he recovers from a breakdown. Despite dating a local farmer, Erin finds herself attracted to the moody actor. But will he trust her enough to reveal what has happened to him? This is a slow-paced book but all the guests' secrets eventually come tumbling out. Most did take me by surprise but unfortunately by that stage I didn't really care what happened to the characters.

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