The Perfect Man - Sheila O'Flanagan (2009)

Mia is set to accompany her sister Britt on a Valentine luxury cruise through the Caribbean. But neither woman feels in a particularly romantic mood. Britt, aka bestselling romance novelist Brigitte Martin, is one of the guest speakers on MV Aphrodite. But she's actually a hard-headed divorce lawyer who wrote The Perfect Man to help her get over her own divorce from actor Ralph - and finds herself ill-prepared to talk about writing a romance novel. Mia is a single mum who is living in Spain with her three-year-old daughter. She still holds a flame for the love of her life Alejo, who doesn't even know he has a daughter. And romance seems very unlikely for either of them as one of the only lone men aboard the ship, Leo, is still dealing with a past heartache - and has caught the eye of a wannabe model on the hunt for a rich husband. A pleasant escapist read that wasn't at all predictable - although I never want to read about barometric pressure again!

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