Gigi Levangie's 2009 novel Queen Takes King is being re-released in November as Fairytale Ending. The summary says: "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman called Cynthia, queen of glittering Manhattan, who had everything she could ever want. Including a handsome king, otherwise known as her husband, sexy Jack Powers, wealthiest man in New York, and apparently devoted to wife and family. But wait a minute, isn't that a wicked witch in the distance? Cynthia's just discovered her husband's playing away with beautiful TV anchor Lara Sizemore, who's head over heels in love with Jack. Now she has to decide whether her fairytale is worth trying to save... Will they all live happily ever after - or can only one person have a true Fairytale Ending?" Levangie is best known for her novel The Starter Wife which was adapted into a TV series starring Debra Messing.

Queen Takes King - Gigi Levangie Grazer (2009)

When rich and ambitious heir Jackson Power gets caught on camera with his latest mistress, Lara - the day after his 25th wedding anniversary - wife Cynthia decides to end the marriage. With her daughter Vivienne on her side, and plans to drag out the divorce for a year or two, Cynthia is no easy woman to deal with. This marks the start of the divorce games, as both parties try to strategise and outmanoeuvre each other, like in a game of chess. Jackson even takes an active role in engaging bartender Adrian to seduce his wife, so that he has a chance of retaining more of the estate. A fast-paced and hilarious read about a divided power couple trying to retain the upper hand. (XT)

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