Positively Yours - Amanda Hearty (2009)

Beth Prendergast has never had much luck in love, despite her good looks and high-flying job at Burlington Stockbrokers - that is, until Tom Maloney appears. Her boss is exactly the man Beth has wanted in her life - charming, successful, knowledgeable and proud of who she is, rather than being too concerned with their own ego like other men. However, when she discovers she's pregnant, Tom begins to avoid her, leaving her to take up the responsibility alone. For Grace Miller, ever since she agreed to marry Ethan, she decided to let go of her Irish past and embrace the American way of life. But when Ethan is asked to oversee the firm in Ireland, Grace starts to worry about being back in her hometown. Interior designer Erin Delaney is leading a happy married life with her supportive and loving husband John. All that's missing is a baby. But her desperate attempts to start a family take a toll on her work, and even her marriage. This book details the struggles each women faces in her life, especially in regards to how they deal with motherhood and the changes that accompany it. An enjoyable and light read, this serves as a great book to delight and inspire the many new mothers who are embracing pregnancy. (XT)

Irish author Amanda Hearty, author of Are You Ready?, has another release due out next month called Positively Yours. Beth has fallen for her boss, Tom. But when Beth discovers that she is pregnant, Tom makes it clear that a baby was never part of his plan. Grace's life changed when she fell in love with Ethan in the US. But when Ethan's firm offers a transfer to Ireland, Grace is unsure about moving back home. And Erin's yearning for a child soon puts a strain on her relationship with husband John.

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