Jude Deveraux has written dozens of romantic, historical and paranormal novels since 1977.

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Scarlet Nights (2010)

Edilean is a small town in Virginia where everyone knows everyone. Sara Shaw is engaged to Greg Anders who is a very shady character. Everyone including Sara's friends and family try to persuade her to break off the engagement. Then all of the sudden he disappears. Enter Mike Newland, a detective who has ties to the Edilean area. He had been investigating Greg and is sent there to protect Sara. Mike arranges for Sara is to use her friend Tess' apartment that has a secret compartment. But Sara is suspicious about Mike's real mission. This is my first time reading Jude Deveraux and I enjoyed this romantic suspense story enough to want to go back and read the first two books of the Endilean series. (JG)

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